NABA’s mission includes supporting our professional and student members as they work to start, develop, and grow their careers. Often this means providing new job opportunities for our members. As a member of the Northern New Jersey chapter you will receive direct e-mails announcing specific job opportunities from our corporate partners. You will also have access to the national organizations online career center. Additionally, mentioning NABA involvement on your resume or to a recruiter will demonstrate your personal commitment to developing your own leadership skills, developing your community and advancing the profession.

Job Postings

Senior Tax Accountant  October 2018

Corporate Recruiters: Post your jobs or express your interest in hiring NABA members by contacting for more information.

Applicants: Contact us at if there are not specific contact instructions within these postings, Always reference NABA-NNJ when applying, and even if there are specific instructions please keep us updated if you apply, get an interview or get a job through NABA’s references. GOOD LUCK!

Recruiting Links

Many of our corporate partners have opportunities they do not post directly with us. Please review the following sites from supporters of the Northern New Jersey chapter. NABA members should also visit these other NABA sites for postings and links to supporters:
NABA Eastern Region – Sponsors:
NABA Inc. Online Career Center:


Professional and Student Hires

Corporate Recruiting Sites: