Looking back on ACAP, how did it help you in high school, college or a career ?

Joseph Tully



Joe Tully

From Chris, class of 2005, sent in 2008:
“I truly enjoyed the summer session and found it to be informative in addition to inspiring. I have recently finished applying to several colleges including Pace University, Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey, and Montclair University. ACAP was a strong influence in my decision to major in accounting and I have both you and Ms. Hampton to thank for my experience.”

Chris has since graduated college and entered public accounting, earning his CPA.

Joe Tully

From Aishan, class of 2003, sent in 2008:
“Thanks to the ACAP program, I have decided to take accounting as a full major in college. I’m also going to take International Business with a minor in Islamic Studies. I just wanted to tell you that I’m doing good in high school … P.S. Thanks for helping me choose the right major for college.”
Aishan has since graduated Hampton University and entered the field of Accounting.

Joe Tully

From Tassia, class of 2005, sent in 2006:
“I really enjoyed participating in the program. The experience has been unforgettable. I learned so much that I don’t think I would have learned in my normal accounting class. I have been keeping in touch with some of the other students and they agree that the experience was fun and beneficial also.”

Joe Tully

From Jonathan, class of 2004, sent in 2006
“I just want to take the time out to thank you for everything you’ve done … I feel that ACAP gave me an advantage and gave me awareness about the profession, and I’ve been highly motivated to succeed in my classes and to take my career seriously, because I know the different things that I can do.”

Joe Tully

From Mary, class of 2005, sent in 2006:
“I would like to let you know I’ve learned so many lessons from all different workshops. I would like to further my studies and development into my upcoming future of becoming and accountant.”


It was awesome, one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. They didn’t only focus on accounting, they educated us on the things we would need to do well in order to survive corporate America. We learned how to write a resume, make a great first impression, and how to develop our personal brand. We also got to meet CPA’s from the big 4 accounting firms. Overall we got to do a lot of networking. At the time I was conflicted between choosing Pharmacy or Accounting as my major. I ended up going with Pharmacy. However I do intend to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry rather than the Practitioner field.

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