The National Association of Black Accountants, on both the local and national level, host a variety of events that combine business, networking opportunities and the chance to gather with family and friends. Here are photos from just a few of the events we have been a part of over the past few years.  For  more pictures visit our Facebook page to find our most up to date event photos. Like us on Facebook.

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Past Events

2016 Emotional Intelligence: How EQ is the new IQ in the Workplace

2016 ERSC

2016 Opening Reception


2016 Scholarship Dinner

2015 ERSC

2015 Opening Reception

TIffany Aliche "the Budgetnista" January 2015

Wine Tasting 2015

2015 Scholarship Reception

2014 Eastern Region Student Conference - (FY15)

FY2015 NNJ Opening Reception

FY2015 NNJ Opening Reception

NNJ Students Day, Sept 2014 - Click for Gallery

NNJ Students Day, Sept 2014
Click for Gallery (FY15)