Join NABA as a Student

To become a member you must be a full or part time student at an accredited college or university.  Your NABA Student Membership is valid for 12 months from the time you pay your membership dues ( i.e September 1 – September 1). The student membership dues are $35.00.


Why Join NABA NNJ?

Student to student Networking

20150926_191529 NABA student members include college and graduate school students in more than 150 chapters across the country. As much as a person has friends on campus it is great to have a group of peers in the same major or related field as you. You share experiences such as finding jobs, passing classes, taking school or professional exams, and developing friends and contacts that can help you get through the transition from college to professional life. NABA provides an additional information resource to share information because your fellow NABA members really want to help you.


Professional & Student Member Network

NABA’s professional/student network is large and diverse. There is over 150 student/professional chapters across the country. NABA membership creates an automatic bond between you and other members at your school, at other schools, and in other cities across the country. The bond extends to professional members across the country who consider you a member of the organization and are happy to work with you to build your future, whatever your personal or professional goals.

NABA’s Eastern Region Student Conference (ERSC)

2015 Eastern Region Student ConferenceEach year NABA hosts student conferences in 4 regions. The Eastern Region attendance is usually 500 or more students like you attending schools from Virginia to Maine and out to Pennsylvania. These students enjoy meeting and networking with their many peers, but also submit resumes and hope for onsite interviews with our 40+ corporate partners.

IMG_0945As many as 200 students get multiple opportunities to interview each year, many are selected for more than one interview. You must be a paid NABA student member to attend, but as a member of the Northern New Jersey chapter schools you will be able to attend at a substantially reduced cost courtesy of our members and our chapter’s corporate partners.

Please click here for additional information about participation through NABA-NNJ for the 2016 student conference.Learn more about the ERSC at the NABA Eastern Region Student Conference page.

Reduced Dues:

It only costs $35 a year to join as a student member. You will see a return on your investment during the year from events, the NABA network, career development support and even scholarship opportunities.


Scholarship Opportunities

NABA has many internal and external scholarships opportunities sponsored by our members and our corporate partners. These scholarships are only available to our student members and are focused on students of color and other minority students. Each year the Northern New Jersey chapter awards approximately $6,000 in scholarships to eligible student members, and our student members are eligible for much larger pools of scholarship awards through NABA’s eastern region and National organization. Become a member and learn about all NABA can do for you to help you fund your education.  Click Here for more info.


Employment Opportunities: Internships/Full-time

NABA student members are connected with our generous corporation partners through on campus events, off campus sessions and the ERSC (see below). You can see links to some of our corporate recruiting partners and other recruiters in the student section of our Careers page.


What Our Students Have To Say

NABA’s Value To Me:
We are developing a Student Comments Blog, for now please send your own comments or questions through

NABA On My Campus

Check out NABA at Rutgers by visiting NABA-Rutgers.

TCNJ and Fairleigh Dickinson University
Check out NABA at TCNJ or FDU by sending your interest to and we’ll connect you with their student chapter president and members.

Montclair University, Bloomfield College, and others
Students at many schools in the NJ area are interested in and participate in NABA but do not yet have organized chapters. Connect with these students on your campus and with us and you can participate in many NABA events while building support on your campus. Contact

Tools and Information for Students

ERSC Students and Professional member

Information on Accounting and the CPA Exam

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